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Where Creator diversity matters.

The ultimate peer-voted platform celebrating and amplifying diverse voices on LinkedIn.

Meet the best and brightest Black Creators on LinkedIn.


Dr. Tana Session

Biz Consultant

0D7A5308 1.jpeg

Kareem Rogers

Recruiter & Career Coach


Brandon Smithwrick


LisaHurley_Headshot .jpg

Lisa Hurley

Founder, The Great Exhale™

POWER 50 LIST .jpg

Steve Worthy

Founder Worthy Retail

Dupe Aleru.jpeg

Dupé Aleru

Christian Content Coach

Cassie Ademola (1).jpg

Cassie Ademola

HR Director


Charity S. McDonald

HR Consultant

Alecia Porter (1).jpg

Alecia Porter-Bent

Personal Branding Strategist

Dr. Angela Holliday.jpg

Dr. Angela Holliday

Wellness Speaker

Mildred Talabi (1).jpg

Mildred Talabi

Founder, Visible Women Tribe


Ifeanyi Imachukwu

Keynote Speaker


Nikki Carney

Purpose-Driven Tech Founder


Bogadi Lorato

Clinical Research Associate

Nick F. Nelson.jpg

Nick F. Nelson


Alicia Perkins.jpeg

Alicia Perkins

Leadership Development Coach

Claudia B.jpg

Claudia bruce

Career Coach


Julian B. Kiganda

Founder JBK Brand Design

T Rice Headshot.jpg

Terry Rice

Keynote Speaker

Elfried Samba (1).jpg

Elfried Samba

CEO & Co-founder @ Butterfly 3ffect

Bobby McNeil.jpeg

Bobby McNeil

Tech Recruiting Leader

Malachi Horton.jpeg

Malachi Horton

CEO & Co-Founder

Lisa Medley (1).jpg

Lisa Medley

Executive Coach for Black Women

April Little (1).jpg

April Little

Executive Career Coach Strategist

Amelia Badua (1).jpg

Amelia Badua

Founder of the FearlessHER™ Collective

Jasmine Williams (1).jpg

Jasmine Williams

Founder & Coach - PowerUp

Elizabeth Leiba (1).jpg

Elizabeth Leiba

Social Justice Warrior


Brittany Dawson

Executive Coach

4 (1).png

Nma Eleazu Emeh

Body Image Consultant

About Us.jpeg

Donna Nadine

Health and Wellness Strategist

Main Photo.png

K Mataōtama Strohl

Speaker / Writer

April Stewart Headshot.png

April Stewart

Money Coach

image0 (2).jpeg

Chenae Erkerd

Technical Recruiter


London Forbes

Founder BYICON

Maceo Owens.png

Maceo Owens

Chief ERG Program Developer

Charles Thompson (1).jpg

Charles Thompson

Account Executive

Jalonni Weaver.jpeg

Jalonni Weaver

Corporate recruiter

Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell.jpg

Gabrielle Blackwell

Creator of The One on One

Solita C. Roberts (1).jpg

Solita C. Roberts

Personal Stylist & Speaker

Melissa D. White (1).jpg

Melissa D. White

Executive & Life Coach

Demisha Jennings (1).jpg

Demisha Jennings

Career Coach

Jenea Frederick (1).jpg

Jenea Frederick

Career Coach for moms

Makeda Alleyne (1).jpg

Makeda Alleyne

Keynote Speaker

Theresa M. Robinson (1).jpg

Theresa M. Robinson

Theresa M. Robinson

Simi Awokoya (1).jpg

Simi Awokoya

Career & Personal Brand Coach


Roderick A. Harris

Brand Creative | Entrepreneur

Cynthia Barnes (1).jpg

Cynthia Barnes

Keynote Speaker


Natasha Bowman JD, SPHR

Workplace Mental Health Strategist

image0 (1).jpeg

Shara Ruffin

Social Work Career Coach

Tyrah Vann (1).jpg

Tyrah Vann

Holistic Inspirational Coach

About The Founder

I began creating content on LinkedIn in 2016. 
At the time, there wasn't much Creator diversity. 
I was probably among a handful of Black creators showing up on the platform.

Over the years, Creator diversity has significantly grown on LinkedIn.

Yet, various top Creator lists have come out on LinkedIn, and they lack diversity.

In 2023, The Power 50 was born - for us by us. 
Thank you for supporting me in my journey to raise Black Creators’ profiles on LinkedIn.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you… The Power 50!!

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